Thursday, June 14, 2007


Well, I have been saying for a couple of months now that there was going to be an anouncement. As some of you may know already I now have my business in my home. The picture that is up was taken when I was still working on the room. It is now completed and I am now up and running.
Soooooooo.....for all your esthetic needs, you can get me at home. God has been so faithful through this process. And the encouragement and support from my friends and my husband, Todd are so greatly appreciated and I love you all. Shari, I just needed that push to jump and do it. It's like bungee jumping, it's overwhelming and the drop is scary but once you do it, it's exhilerating. I didn't think you could have the best of both worlds. I love being home and I also love what I do, What an honour to get to do both. Which means that I can do coffee with the "girls" more often now too!!!!!!
Proverbs 3:5-6 rings true again and again!!!!!!

I looked up Oasis, and it means a fertile spot in a barren, sandy desert.

My prayer is that it will be a place of new life and hope for all who come to see me!!!
Blessings to all!!!!!