Friday, July 17, 2009

Ryan is 21!!!!

I figured since it had been a while sense I had posted anything, today seemed like the best time.  Our son, Ryan is 21 today.  Ryan wasn't sure he wanted to come into the world 21 years ago, but with time and some help for the Dr. he did finally come. Our family was complete, well for me anyway. 
I am sure that Todd would have wanted another little one but for me I was finished.
To say the least, we are very proud of Ryan, he recently finished
 the ISOM (international school of ministry)  certificate that our church was facilitating.  He is an honest and considerate young man.  God has been faithful in his life.  From the moment he was born there have been times of great challenges for him.  When he was born he needed oxygen to wake him up, he had the cord wrapped around his neck.  He fell down the stairs in his walker when he was only 9 months old.  He had his challenges in school, but most of all God has been faithful in is 21 years.
We believe God has some great assignments for his life, missions is a big thing for Ryan.  He went on his first missions trip a year and a half ago to the Philippines.  He loved every minute of it, and I do believe he plans to go on another one soon.
So today, I honour my son Ryan.  
Happy Birthday and may you dream big and may they all come true!!!!!!!!!