Monday, April 9, 2007

I'm Finally Here!!!!!!

Well, I am finally here. I am feeling rather green, but I hope that by looking at yours I can do it. Cheryl, I finally did it, I will try to get a picture of me with coffee in hand. I can't wait to join the club of bloggers.
Happy blogging, Tammy


Vicki said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! It's easy once you get the hang of it! I've learned so much more about people I thought I knew through their blogs. Looking forward to getting to know you better too!!

Amy said...


Roxanne said...

Way to go Tammy!! I knew you could do it!!!

Amy said...

Look at got the names up there too!! Woohoo!!!

Shaun and Holly said...

Yipie!!! Yeah Tammy!!! Great the colour of your blog!

Williams Family Blog said...

Welcome beautiful person!

So glad you have your own spot in cyber space.


PS. I love green!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tam!!!! Now we can do coffee!!

I'm likin' your blog!!! Woohooo!
Can't wait to see a picture of you eventually.

So looking forward to hearing what you have to say!!

go Tammy!!

Rhonda said...

Welcome Miss Tammy. So nice to have you aboard.

When are you going to Florida??????

I need to book myself in - I'm hoping to wear sandles soon.

Shari said...

Welcome my friend - now we can stay home in our pja's, drinking coffee with our nasty bedheads and still connect.....Life is great especially as a blogger!!

You're going to love it - and drive your family crazy at the same time. I think our families should start their own support group. FMOB family members of bloggers)

Nana Cheryl said...

Welcome Tammy!!

Tamatha said...

It's about time another Tammy got here!:o)