Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ambitions and Dreams!!!

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!!!!!!!!


I have had a dream for a very long time.   I wondered if it would ever come to past.  
Over and over there would be confirmations, but I still waited.  This was one of those dreams that  you take off the shelf and then put back on the shelf and wait and then wait some more.
Well, the time has come and my dream is about to come true.  I am heading to Westport, Ont. tomorrow to record my very first CD.  Yes, it's true, I can hardly believe it myself.  
God has brought some wonderful and talented people into my life that have made this truly possible.
Dan Cutrona and Andrew Martin will be producing it and of course John Wendling has been the P.R. man.  Of course, how could I forget my loving and faithful husband. God knew that I could not have done any of this on my own. Dreaming was about as close as I could come to making this a reality.  They just put it all into action. Thanks so much guys... It has all come together so quickly!!!!


Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don't trust in your own understanding but in everything acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.  Prov.3:5-6.  (My life verse)


Rhonda said...

Have a wonderful day tomorrow Tammy! Be sure and enjoy every little bit of the experience.

God BLESS you girl!!!

Very happy for you.

Maureen said...

Looking forward to owning this long awaited CD
Hearing the Lords heart through your voice is going to bring blessings to many.
You have blessed me with Saved.
Congratulations Tammy
Love you lots

Tammy said...

What til you hear the song Maureen. It's sounds great!!!!!

Vicki said...

Ah ... I listened to the final product all day yesterday and you have a reason to be proud, Tammy! Great work! You give us all hope to keep dreaming big ....

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are having a great time and I am so happy for you. This has been a long dream for you.
Bless you

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