Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What's Your Title?

A woman named Emily renewing her driver's license at the Transport office was asked by the clerk to state her occupation. She hesitated, uncertain how to classify herself. "What I mean
is, "Explained the clerk, "do you have a job, or are you just a ? "Of course I have a job," snapped Emily. "I'm a Mum." "We don't list 'Mum' as an occupation...... 'housewife' covers it," said the clerk emphatically.
I forgot all about her story until one day I found myself in the same situation, this time at our local police station. The Clerk was obviously a career woman, poised, efficient, and possessed of a high sounding title like, "Official Interrogator" or "Town Registrar." "What is your occupation?" she probed. What made me say it, I do not know... The words simply popped out. "I'm a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations."The clerk paused, pen frozen in midair, and looked up as though she had not heard right. I repeated the title slowly, emphasizing the most significant words.
Then I stared with wonder as my pronouncement was written in bold, black ink on the official questionnaire! "Might I ask," said the clerk with new interest, "just what you do in your field?"Coolly, without any trace of fluster in my voice, I heard myself reply, "I have a continuing programme of research, (what mother doesn't), in the laboratory and in the field, (normally I would have said indoors and out). I'm working for my Masters, (the whole bloody family), and already have four credits, (all daughters). Of course, the job is one of the most demanding in the humanities, (any mother care to disagree.?) and I often work 14 hours a day, (24 is more like it). But the job is more challenging than most run-of-the-mill careers and the rewards are more of a satisfaction rather than just money." There was an increasing note of respect in the girl's voice as she completed the form, stood up, and personally ushered me to the door.
When I got home, buoyed up by my glamorous new career, I was greeted by my lab assistants -- ages 10, 7, and 3. Upstairs, I could hear our new experimental model, (a 6 month old baby), in the child development programme, testing out a new vocal pattern. I felt I had triumphed over bureaucracy! And I had gone on the official records as someone more distinguished and indispensable to mankind than "just another Mum."
Motherhood.....What a glorious career! Especially when there's a title on the door. Does this make grandmothers "Senior Research Associates in the field of Child Development and Human Relations" , and great Grandmothers "Executive Senior Research Associates"??? I think so!!! I also think it makes Aunts "Associate Research Assistants". Please send this to another Mum, Grandmother, Aunt, and other friends you know.

Author unknown..................but very smart


Shari said...

I guess th is then qualifies me as a Research Advisor in the field of Family Development and Human Relations. Not bad for no degree eh!!

Shari said...

I forgot to add with over 20 years of experience - pretty impressive stuff!!

Roxanne said...

I'm still getting on the job training!

Jen said...

Yeah, the whole job title thing has always been a bit of a sore spot with me....if I have a great sounding title, does that make me more intelligent, more successful, more at peace?

We have created an interesting world as women.

Amy said...

That's very funny!!--loved the "masters" part!!
I kind of have a problem with the whole title thing too...Whenever Mike is introduced, people say he's a police officer...poor guy, wants to say WHO CARES, I'M MIKE..but for some reason, society titles us...

Tammy said...

Yes I know, can you imagine... HI I'm Tammy and I am a MOM (research advisor)!!!!!!YAHOO!!!!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Funny how society sees people by their occupation.
This is Maureen the make-up lady at Shoppers.
I remember working with Victims Assistance and having to go to a Death notification (more than once)
and had the bereaved say What are you doing here I thought you were just a make-up lady?
Hmmmmm A Title doesn't make the person.Personally I feel the hardest job in the world is being a
parent.The rest is a piece of cake.

Shari said...

I struggle with being called pastor Shari... I know that it's done out of respect and I do appreciate that - maybe it's just my hang-up. Pastor Shari beats sister Shari any day. I made the mistake of letting our cell know that I hated being called sister Shari... Mark Mc - didn't let that one go for years.

Maureen said...

Shari what about being called the Matriarch. hahahaha
Mrs Matriarch
Matriarch Shari
Introducing... The Distinguished Matriarch Shari of Desert Stream

I can hear the applause now.

Steve never gets anyone I talk about straight so he calls Tammy P as apposed to Tammy L
PW aka Pastors Wife

You have been labelled Tammy

Shari said...

Well Maureen someone already beat you to that one a number of years ago by calling me the Matriarch (they were being so serious and so sincere at the time)... I felt like something that belonged on display in a museum!! Yikes!!

Maureen said...

I remember calling you that as well sitting in Hortons.
Both you and Tammy.
It truly is out of the utmost respect.
I just joked about it as i remembered how it made you and Tammy feel.
Over the giggles

Tammy said...

Yes, it's nice to just know whow you Christ!!!! ME!!!!!

praypraise&pamper said...

When your a single mom on the job does that make you the 1st, 2sn and 3rd in command? Loved this post :)