Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When you show LOVE, you are showing God to the world.....Part 2

A few weeks later, I received a letter from that young lady. I had no idea that she had recognized Victoria and me; she hadn't given us any indication that she knew us.
Her letter began by asking, "Do you remember me? I'm the girl who waited on you at what was probably your worst restaurant experience ever?"
I smiled as I read and thought, I know exactly who you are. She went on to tell how she had been raised in a good christian family. They went to church every Sunday, but in her late teens, her family was hurt by a leader in their congregation. Somebody did them wrong. Consequently, the entire family had given up on God and dropped out of church. Over the last year or two, however, they had been watching me on television. The waitress related in her letter, "I told my parents I know those people are real. Something on the inside tells me they're sincere and we need to get back in church."
She continued, "Joel. when you and your wife came in the restaurant, and we got your order all mixed up, most people would have really gotten aggravated and upset, but you two were so nice and kind. And on top of that, you left us that big tip." She said, "That confirmed what I already knew in my heart. I went home and told my parents what happened, and now we've gotten our lives back on track, and we're worshiping the Lord at Lakewood every Sunday morning."

Learn to be good to people. That's one of the best witnesses we can possibly have. Now, when I tip people, I tell Victoria, "We're going to sow a seed into their life. Here's an opportunity to do good." When I leave that place, I want them to be able to say, "That couple sure is generous; they are good people."
The world does not need to hear another sermon nearly as much as it needs to see one. Learn to give your time, your money, and an encouraging word; meet a need.

When you show
LOVE, you are showing GOD to the world.

**excerpt from "Become a better You by Joel Olsteen**


Jen said...

I love this...we have to learn to hear Holy Spirit and do what He says not what is expected...God can use that because it is out of the ordinary.
Great post Tammy.

Shaun and Holly said...

Love it. I won't forget this.

Tammy said...

It really causes us to stop and think about what we say and do. What a difference we would make in peoples lives, Christian and pre-Christian.

Shaun and Holly said...

I had to make another comment. I just love this story that you posted.

I read it to Josiah (he is 13) and then we talked about what an impact we can have on others when we love and bless ESPECIALLY when it isn't "expected". Awesome!

Tammy said...

That's great Holly, I know it's the little things we seem to trip over. But that seems to be where God is. He is in the big things too, but I think you know what I'm saying.