Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, all I can say is I can't believe it's over. All the preparation and now it's over. I think I have recouped, it took a lot out of me last week. Plus, we have a wedding to attend each Sat this month. So July I am wedding out. I have to say though I enjoyed every minute of Ashley and Tyler's wedding, all day I would look at Ashley and think she's getting married, she is married. How did we get here? I remember as a little girl asking me if she will get married, when will she get married. She has always wanted to be a wife. Well now she is.
Shari, take in every moment because it goes by so fast. Enjoy being the MOG!!! (Mother of the Groom.) It truly is one of the most incredible moments in a mother's life, except the day their born.
So without further a due, here are some pictures of this beautiful occasion.........

This car belongs to Wayne Hampton which he drove from Grimsby, Ont. Just to drive Ashley and Tyler around after they were married. Thanks again Wayne!!!!

Mother and Father of the Bride!!!!
Spectacular looking,
( if I do say so myself) :)!!!!!

Best friends for over 20 years!!!!!!
What can I say, they were there for whatever we needed.
Roger and
Julie, We love you!!!!!
Here's to the beginning of another stage in our lives,
marrying off our children together.

My mother, well what can I say. I don't know what I would have done if my Mother hadn't been here. She is a trooper, she cleaned, fed and kept everyone in line!!!!
Thanks Mom!!!!!!

OF course, there are soooooo many other's that made this day go off with out a hitch, well OK there were some hitches but there were people in place to take care of those things. Thank you just doesn't seem enough in those cases. However, I am so grateful to have people in my life that love and care so deeply. Like Kevin said on Sunday, we are so BLESSED!!!!! and RICH, just by the people in our lives. I love you all so very much and you mean so much to Todd and I. Our lives are fuller because you are all in it. And yes, that means YOU!!!!!!!!!
Blessings and God's best for all of you.
Shari, lets party it up!!!!!!!!!!


Maureen said...

Ashley was beautiful
Tyler so handsome
The girls looked pretty and the guys very dapper, but you Darling,You looked marrrrrvelous simply marvelous.
Who was the tall drink of water you were hanging out with?
Thanks for allowing us to be part of this special moment in your families life.

Vicki said...

We also thoroughly enjoyed being part of Ashley and Tyler's day. I've mentioned to several people how evident the love was. I don't only mean with Ashley and Tyler, but also those who spoke. No one was groping to figure out something nice to say ... it was all so authentic!

Jenna Dowling said...

It was such a gorgeous day!! Although it put these butterflies in my stomach!!
Did Troy take those photos? They were excellent, especially the top one of Tyler & Ashley amongst the trees.

Shaun and Holly said...

It must have been such a special day!! Congrats to all of you. ;o)


Tammy said...

Jenna, don't be nervous. it's a good nervous, it's exciting. Troy did take pictures but not the ones I have posted.
You will have to get Ashley to show you those ones. There gorgeous!!!!
Thanks Holly, it was a great day, beautiful weather.

Jen said...

It was all so special and you truly were one gorgeous mother of the bride!!!!

I loved how relaxed Ashley and all of you were...and her dance with daddy...I was weeping!

Amy said...

It was such a BEAUTIFUL wedding!!!
Congrats to the two newleyweds!! Woot Woot!!

And yes Tammy...you looked MAH-VA-LUS!!!

Shari said...

Man, I got so teared up as the girls were heading down the isle!

I'm turning into this sentimental person.... where did this all come from?!

It was a wonderful day. The guests all seemed to have a great time.

I felt VERY honoured to sit at the reception with you and Todd - thanks!!