Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Three Days left!!!!!

Well, as some of you may know our daughter is getting married on Sat June 7th. Yes the time as come when we as parents transition into consultants. Let me tell you it's not a easy transition. We love to be able to tell them what is good and not because we have been there. But like ourselves we had to learn by trial and error.
We are truly blessed to be at this stage of our lives and to be able to release our child into her new life with a partner. What a change that will be. Change is never easy but it does cause us to keep moving and growing. At least for us they will be in the same town, but won't be
seeing each other every day.
I decided when I became a mother that I would have a policy that the door of communications were always open. Didn't always like the topics but I knew if I ever closed that door it may never be open again. Through this whole wedding process I found out one thing about our relationship, we are best friends. Now that for me is a huge compliment, I guess I did my job with the help of the Holy Spirit. I have cried, laughed, yelled, walked through a broken heart, and rejoiced with her as she found her lif
e partner. Truly what a blessing it has been to have Ashley has a daughter. From the moment she came into my life God has shown me Grace and Mercy through her.
Some one said to my husband this week, it's when we release them that they truly start walking into their destiny and who they are met to be. So Ashley, be released to run and d
ance and laugh. May you be blessed far more and go further than we have gone!!!!!!


Roxanne said...

...and Ashley, may you visit your parents with 'little blessings'.....down the road of course!:)

Vicki said...

Beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter! One day it will be us ... twice!

We're looking forward to the Wedding!

Cathy said...

That is beautiful Tammy!

Maureen said...

Crying my eyes out reading your post.
We were talking today at work about our little Ashley Pratt from her first Timmies double double to how much she has grown and anticipated this special day in her life
Blessings to you Ashley
I love you
See you Saturday Mrs. Butcher

Tammy 2 pieces of advice from one who has seen their only daughter marry.
2) Maybelline waterproof mascara is the best. :-)

Jen said...

Ashley, such an exciting time for you, be completely and utterly blessed.
you and Todd have done a wonderful job and Ashley is a terrific young woman...What a bitter sweet mommy moment, marrying off your first child and only daughter....I think I might need that Maybelline waterproof mascara on Sat. as well.

Shaun and Holly said...

Amen!! Be released Ash, into all His splendor! ;o)

Rhonda said...

Tammy - what an absolutely beautiful mother's blessing to your daughter.

Tammy, you are a wonderful example of a Godly mother. May your friendship with your daughter continue to grow!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day celebrating!!!

Wishing you a blessed day of transition and many years of joy for Ashley!!

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Amy said...

What a beautiful tribute.
You should be VERY proud at the amazing woman you grew...lots of love..and prayers! Well done!

P.s. The wedding was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shari said...

now it's time to bring on the wedding pictures... Imagine tomorrow they will be married a week!!