Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Are you LOW!!????

Well girls, I am finally writing this story. Rhonda, Shari, Roxanne and I went to here Mary Audrey Raycroft on Sat over in the county. We decided to go for lunch before heading to the meeting. We found the perfect spot, we went in and settle in for a great lunch. As we sat in the bright eating area, we enjoyed looking at the menu and deciding what would be great for lunch. The server came over and were telling us the fine specials for the day. Well Shari, asked how much one of the specials was. The server said let me check and I will get right back to you, after she left, Shari asked if that was proper to ask what the price was, I said if you have to ask then you can't afford it. She comes back and says, "it comes to $10.17 with tax, are you low"? Well, Shari was stunned and wasn't sure what she meant, do I look like I am having a bad day? The server said, " we can adjust the price if your low". Basically saying that if she didn't have the money to spend on lunch than she could probably work out something for her to have lunch. Well, we had a great laugh about that. The server told us of a couple that had come in for Valentine's day and the man ask everytime they order something how much it was with taxes. How would you have liked for him to take you out? Anyway, after that we decided this was a blog story, I of course grabbed it since I need to blog about something.

So girls I hope I did justice to this story, I think though that it won't be as funny as being there, I think you will agree. It was a great day for having lunch in the county and going to here a great speaker, Great food, fellowship and of course fun. The company was great, and we will have to do that again. Hopefully next time, more can come and join in the fun. So I guess I have to ask, is anyone low?

Laughter, it is good for the soul!!!!!!!


Shari said...

Moral of the story is don't ask questions when dinning at the Waring House.

I thought at first maybe I look depressed or something. I've chuckled about this one all week!!

Roxanne said...

I, too, have had many laughs about this. The look on Shari's face was 'priceless'.

Rhonda said...

I've enjoyed sharing this story. It was just too funny!!!

I'm just glad that the waitress was willing to help Shari, because obviously Shari's three friends weren't about to. hehehehe (Me being one of them.)

Tammy said...

This is one story you would have to be there to enjoy the moment. Truly priceless!!!!!

Shari said...

"priceless" Tammy... there you go about money again!!

Jen said...

So it seems if you are feeling a little low, this might be a great place to head for lunch ...at least if Shari is along to ask about prices, and bring everyone back up.

I think I'd have wet myself over this one in person!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had fun.

Shari said...

I somehow manage to attract the most unique situations and responses... it sure makes for a lot of fun.

I really felt this day out with the girls was a gift from God as I needed some "heart" medicine - it was a tough week.

Worship and laughter were healing to my heart.

Vicki said...

Laughter really IS the best medicine!

Next time, count me in on the fun!