Friday, February 22, 2008

Moments in Time.....

Well, this is a milestone for me. The first time Ryan has been away for any length of time. He has done well, 19 and this will be his first time flying and on a missions trip. Ryan has had it in his heart for the last couple of years to go to the Philippines. He has a missions heart that is for sure, I have a feeling though that this may be just the beginning for him.

Needless to say, I was up often wondering how he was and where they would all be. He was funny though, anytime I would ask him about anything, he would just say, "it's fine, I'll be fine". I was hovering soooooo bad!! I am still on that journey, it's not an easy one. One child is going across the world and the other is getting married!!! No wonder my grey hair is growing in faster, HELP!!!! I am not old enough for this.

Well, all I can say is bless you to the ones who are coming behind, I will do my best to encourage and help you along the journey.

It's a sweet ride!!!!!


Amy said...

I can't even begin to imagine....I am trying to savour every moment of every day...even the tough ones!
I hope Ry has a GREAT time--I will never ever forget my missions trip--
And always good luck to a mother of the bride...ooh..enjoy!!

Shari said...

Kevin emailed that Ryan was doing great on the flight. I got another email at 9 am our time on Saturday morning which would mean 10 pm their time in the Philippines.

They were at the hotel - all were exhausted and heading to bed. In the morning they leave for the fishing village of Malita. So we won't hear back from them until next Sunday when they return to Davoa.

Ryan will have the experience of a life time. My Ryan has never been the same since his trip to the Davoa city dump 2 years ago.

There is something about sleeping in a dump with animals everywhere - unspeakable poverty - horrible odours - it really molds a young man's heart into something incredible!!

Holly said...

Peace to you "mamma"!

Rhonda said...

All you can do is focus on all the ' good stuff' that Ryan is going to experience and mature from.

It's so hard for us (moms), but so much more important that we allow them to have these opportunities.

Jen said...

Bless you Tammy!
Sleepless nights only BEGIN with a newborn....I wonder when they end? Do they ever end?
Once a mom, always a's a gift!

When I took my first missions trip I was Ryan's age, if it hadn't been for student loans, I'd have married some Fijian and lived in a little hut loving being a missionary....but missing out on all of you!
Hope Ryan has something pressing to bring him back!