Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book Club week One

Well I know that I am a little late in posting my thoughts on our Book club. We are reading the book "The Shack" by William Young and it started last Wed night and we will be meeting every other Wed night. We had 11 ladies out and the discussion was so good. The things we got out of the first couple of chapters were amazing.
I asked Maureen if she could right down a few thought on how the evening went and what we got out of it. So here are a few of her thoughts. Thanks, Maureen for your insight.

Nature vs Nurture perhaps will be apparent as we delve deeper.
I also thought and I agree with Julie that Mack was a religious man a pharisee of sorts.
Book smart but not life smart in the sense of a personal relationship with God however Nan was just the opposite her relationship was purely personal.
Her comfort in knowing The Father as Papa kinda like Gary calling God Daddy.
I think Mack loved her way of worshiping but was conditioned as we all may have been growing up.So he clung to her freedom in Christ to get him through the Great sadness.

Stay tuned, I am sure there will be other comments to blog. So if your reading this book but can't make it out to our discussions please feel free to comment at anytime. Look forward to hearing what you get out of this book.

Happy Reading!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I'm reading the book right now as well.
Happy reading and learning.

Shaun and Holly said...

I just finished reading this book. It was a good one.Now,Shaun is enjoying reading it.
I think if people like this book, they would LOVE the Master Potter Books as well.

Tammy said...

It's a great book.