Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Pratt/Butcher Home

The Kitchen!!!

The Dining Room!!!

The Living Room!!!
The Mom's!!!!

I thought I would share with you some pictures of Ashley and Tyler's house. They have been working on it since they took possession a week ago.
The owner before had lived in this house for 48 years and raised her family of 5 kids. Her husband had died years before, so now the house is having a rebirth. They have ripped up carpets and now will start with the painting. New life, new beginnings, new memories ahead.
Pray blessings, and a full house for the future!!!!! (but not to soon......)


Cathy said...

The house looks great! I'm sure they'll be very proud of all they will accomplish!

Maureen said...

I still can't believe our little Ashley is so grown up.
I know aren't I plural.. Teehee
The house looks great I can't wait to see it.
Looking forward to the wedding.
How many more sleeps?

Amy said...

How wonderful!! It's awesome!

Roxanne said...

Exciting stuff!!

Vicki said...

I wonder if they realized how blessed they are? Starting marriage with a house that they are able to make their own, how incredible is that? It's a cute place and I'm sure they will fill it with many happy memories.

Rhonda said...

Such a wonderful start for them. Ashley is going to just love setting up the house and making it a home.



Williams Family Blog said...

That is so exciting!!!!!!
Ashley was showing me some paint chips so you need to post some after photos as well.

Jen said...

How is the stress level now that it is finally theirs?

Mark and I are excited for them.
Praying loads of blessings!!!!......and little people!

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