Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just for FUN

What I was doing 10 years ago:
I was babysitting in my home and I had decided to go back to school to become an esthetician. I went to a private school in Richmond Hill.

Five Snacks I enjoy: (not in any kind of order!)
1. Chocolate
2. chips and dip
3. dorito's
5. cracker's & peanut butter

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Pay off debt
2. Buy my husband an Escape (Ford)
3. Go on a family vacation
4. Pay off Ashley and Tyler's house
5. Give a big chunk to the church

Five jobs that I have had:(most recent first)
1. Mommy
2. child care provider in my home
3. Child care assistant at a daycare
4. Esthetician
5. Business owner in my home

Three of my habits:
1. Drink a lot of coffee
2. eat a lot of chocolate t.v. more than I should (but not right now because were working on another house)

Bad Habits...
1. worrying
2. checking e-mail (like Holly :) )
3. eat junk food

Five place I have lived:
1. Kemptville, Ontario (where I was born)
2. Peterborough, Ontario
3. Grimsby, Ontario
4. Belleville, Ontario

Five things not many people know about me:
1. Dislike camping, rather hotel it!!!!
2. Not a good organizer
3. Finished my grade 12, 9 years ago
4. Really enjoy working at home, I am a home body.
5. Would love to own a red sport's car!!!!!


Roxanne said...

I didn't know you were into tv. I have no trouble believing you're not into camping!

Shari said...

Red car.... did you like the Heel Mobile that I posted a few weeks ago?!?!

Anonymous said...

Oh Yah! I can totally see you in that red hot sports car!!! lol!

Amy said...

I love your food list--I'm not sure there were any good ones there--well, maybe cheeze?

Vicki said...

I'm in favour of the Heel Mobile for you!

Tammy said...

Ya I like the heel mobile.....I usually watch more tv in the winter, I haven't watched too much as of late. I have a feeling I won't be watching much in the next month or so.